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Technical approval

Technical approval is a positive technical assessment of a building product or set of products stating their usefulness for building applications. It is given on the basis of the assessment of functional properties and predicted durability of a building product, confirmed, as needed, by examinations, calculations, inspections, expert opinions and other documents. The technical approval, similarly to the standard, is a reference document in the procedure of assessing conformity.


European Technical Approval  ETA-10/0026

This approval refers to a set of products used for making non-supporting internal partition walls. The set consists of:
- zinc-coated steel posts
- one or two layers of gypsum boards placed on both sides of the wall
- thermal insulation inside the wall
- steel screws
Our partition wall building sets covered by the European Technical Approval allow for building the most common partition walls. They are walls built on zinc-coated steel posts with a nominal transverse dimension of 50mm, 75 mm and 100 mm. The outer layer is made of 12,5 mm wide gypsum boards, conforming with the standard PN-EN 520 type A.