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The verification of raw material parameters and product control carried out at several production stages guarantee the highest quality of our products.



The advanced technology and highly efficient specialized production lines force us to perfect management of the production process.
The material used in production must be of highest quality and have stable parameters, which directly translates to the quality of products.


Raw material delivery

We are aware of the necessity to verify the quality of products at several stages of production. We begin with checking the raw material quality. The strong market position that we have achieved enables us to co-operate directly with the most esteemed raw material suppliers. Years of experience have allowed us to choose the best ones. Each delivery is tested against the required parameters. We make sure that the highest quality sheet metal is used for production.


Product verification

The next step is the product control. We measure the thickness of the material, thanks to which we can be certain that the ready product is accurately classified. Both the production and warehouse workers are obliged to verify whether the dimensions and quality of the final product are appropriate.