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What kinds of corner beads to use for plasters?

Plaster is a layer of mortar, gypsum plaster or another lining covering the surfaces of walls, inside and outside a building. The task of a plaster is to protect the plastered surface from various factors, both atmospheric (in case of external plaster), as well as to protect from moisture and fire (e.g. in case of wooden constructions). However, the most important task is to give the building a more aesthetic look.

Currently gypsum plasters dominate the Polish market thanks to their good thermal insulation properties, vapor permeability and application speed. Gypsum plasters are very smooth, thanks to which they do not require additional polishing.

Both gypsum plaster, cement-lime plaster, as well as dry plaster (made of gypsum boards) are an excellent foundation to apply decorative lining (tiles, wallpapers) or paint. Raw plaster can also function as the final finishing layer.

In the plastering process it is very important to protect the corners of walls with appropriate corner beads. Whereas to achieve an equal thickness of plaster on the whole surface of the wall – to use a sub-plaster bar.