Metpol - akcesoria do suchej zabudowy
Metpol - profile do zabudowy
Metpol - profile do zabudowy


Maxi-Tec® is a revolutionary profiling technology for drywall systems. Laying electric wiring and plumbing very often complicates the contractor's work, so to avoid these problems it is worth using Maxi-Tec® profiles.


Maxi-Tec® profiles are a complete, certified and safe profile system. The introduction of Maxi-Tec® profiles into the market is the first change in the profiles market in 50 years.


The Maxi-Tec® profiles technology of production has been developed by a leading European quality and innovation company – PROTEKTOR.




Quick and comfortable

We met the contractors' expectations, for whom it is important to do the work quickly, comfortably and with durable and safe materials. The innovative Maxi-Tec® drywall profile system fulfills all these requirements. Enlarging holes in the profile according to instructions is easy and does not weaken the construction, while laying electrical wiring and plumbing has become much simpler.



Well-thought solutions, such as easy enlargement of holes in CW profiles allowing safe installation, or plunge extrusions for mounting holes in UW profiles, facilitate a quick and sure assembly of gypsum board walls. These solutions are economical, and the system maintains its excellent characteristics in terms of stability, statics, soundproofing and fireproofing.



Systemic tests conducted in a German institute have confirmed that Maxi-Tec® meets the requirements for DIN and EN standards. The certification process included complete fireproofing, strength and acoustic tests.


Complete tests

All the characteristics of the materials used to produce Maxi-Tec® profiles are of the same quality and have the same parameters as those used by Metpol so far. The material used in production comes from the best steel suppliers and has a certificate confirming the compliance of parameters.

Certificates issued by independent, international institutes confirm the compliance of products and systems with the relevant requirements for DIN and EN standards.