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MAGNELIS® coating is the solution which ensures the comfort of contractor's work and gives the opportunity to resist corrosion.

For years we have been looking for a solution to the problem of plaster corner beads corrosion. The conducted research failed to give a definitive answer. However, thanks to the application of MAGNELIS® coating, the fight with corrosion may become easier.


The advantage of MAGNELIS® over other coatings

Corner beads corrosion and the resulting complaints are difficult for contractors for several reasons. Firstly, the complaint may arise only after several months, when the finishing works are conducted. Secondly, contractual penalties may result in contractor bankruptcy. Thirdly, it is difficult for the producer to guarantee against corrosion as he doesn't know in what conditions the corner beads will be used. The humidity level in rooms, the type of plaster used or the weather are outside the scope of the producer's guarantee. MAGNELIS® coating displays increased corrosion resistance and is an opportunity for contractors to avoid complaints.



We have conducted numerous tests which have proved the advantage of MAGNELIS® over the coatings used so far.
The most credible test when assessing the corrosion resistance of a surface is the salt chamber test. Samples coated only with zinc lasted for 96 hours in the chamber before the first traces of rust appeared. However, the samples with MAGNELIS® coating did not bear such traces even after 240 hours.