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How to insulate your house?

Not only the looks of a house are important, but above all it should be warm. To reduce the heating costs, it is worth insulating the building while fixing a new facade. Many people ask themselves what kind of insulation to choose, so that it maintains aesthetic looks, but at the same time gives good protection from the wind, the rain and the sun. They are considering the choice of colour, possibly the insulation layer. Unfortunately, they often forget about the details, which have a great influence on the quality and durability of the ready facade.


The facade is not only decorative elements, nice architectural details (e.g.  rustication), but also details such as corner beads with a mesh protecting the corners of buildings or starting bars. The starting bars not only facilitate the beginning of insulation work at the same level, but also protect the plinth form damages, rodent invasion or sagging on the foundation part of the facade.