Metpol - akcesoria do suchej zabudowy
Metpol - profile do zabudowy
Metpol - profile do zabudowy


The history of METPOL reaches over two decades past. Slowly built over many years, on the basis of careful planning and innovative solutions, today it offers reliability, high quality and flexibility in adapting its products and structures to the current market conditions.
These are some of the more important past events...

1992 the first customer and an instant success

The first step to founding the company was the inspiration with German drywall systems. In the 80s gypsum boards were not yet produced in Poland. When the first gypsum board producer NIDA GIPS emerged, Mr and Mrs Olszanowski decided to exploit the market gap and begin preparations to produce drywall systems accessories.
OLMAR, Marek Olszanowski's company, received the first order from NIDA GIPS and it encompassed three types of hangers: flat, longitudinal and cross. At that time the production facility was located in a block of flats basement and to deliver the contract on time work was carried out in a three-shift system. However, the effort paid out - the products reached the client on time and met all the requirements. This was the beginning of a long lasting co-operation with NIDA GIPS.


1993 – 2002 „marriage” of two companies guarantees development

The name "METPOL" surfaced on April 1st 1993, when Maria Olszanowska and Paweł Pestka decided to found the company "METPOL - Metal Works" and begin the production of aluminium corner beads.
For two years the companies worked side by side and they developed very quickly, so in order to cope with larger orders and customers'r expectations both companies decided to merge in 1995 to join forces under the name METPOL The owners of the newly formed company were Maria Olszanowska, Marek Olszanowski i Paweł Pestka. The merger of capital and related production resulted in further development opportunities. The first step was to increase the technological potential and build new machines using own methods and means.
In the following years METPOL developed its sales network making sure customers had easy access to the products on offer. Branches in Poland were formed in: Bytom, Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, Cracow, Warsaw and also Ełk.

2003 – 2009 aim: the latest technology

This period was a time of researching new technologies: rotary cutting technology and a technology aiming at eliminating glue as the bonding agent between the corner bead and the mesh. Trial and research was successful - new products and methods of production were patented, after which the innovative products were introduced into the market.

2010 – 2012 seized opportunities

In 2010 METPOL filed an application and received EU co-financing to build a production hall and new technological lines.
In the beginning of 2012 it was decided to start making products exposed to bad weather conditions from steel covered with MAGNELIS® protective layer, developed by ArcelorMital. We also began co-operation with the quality and innovation leader in drywalls, the Protektor company, which resulted in starting a production line for Maxi-Tec wall profiles.