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Metpol - profile do zabudowy



When and why do we build gypsum board walls?

Partition walls made of profiles covered with gypsum boards are getting more commonly used for making partitions, both in public or commercial buildings and in private building. Building a gypsum board partition wall is a convenient and quick way to set out an additional room in a house or office. Building gypsum board partition walls gives almost unlimited possibilities to shape the space, which allows to adjust the rooms to individual tastes and needs. A large number of interesting solutions means that even an interior with standard dimensions can be given a unique character.


Gypsum board walls on a metal framework are used when:

- we need to cover household installations, such as baths, frame-mounted toilets (the so called “geberits”), sewage plumbing, fireplaces, etc.
- we want to build attractively lit bays and shelves
- we are building an attic, where we cannot use heavy walls so as not to strain the ceiling
- we are working in office buildings, where numerous additional installations need to be hidden
- we are in buildings for rent, where there is a frequent need to quickly adjust the rooms to the tenant's needs