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When and why do we utilize a suspended ceiling made of gypsum boards?

The advantages of gypsum ceilings are great durability and resistance to time lapse. They are mechanically strong, they don't lose shape or colour for many years, even with increased humidity in rooms. Another advantage of a suspended gypsum board ceiling is quick and easy installation as well as the making cost. This kind of ceiling is perfect for rooms, where there is a frequent need to move walls following the circulation of tenants (e.g.  offices), but they are also popular with individual investors building interesting forms supporting e.g. lighting.


Gypsum board ceilings on a metal framework should be used in the following cases:

-      we need to hide installations, e.g. electrical, ventilation, CCTV, sprinklers and at the same time want to have easy access to these installations
- we want to achieve an interesting, original ceiling form
- fire protection is required, because a gypsum board suspended ceiling can effectively protect the supporting ceiling or the floor below from spreading fire
- we want to achieve good acoustic qualities